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The World's First Pregnancy Seat Belt Harness

The piXie® pregnancy seat belt harness is a specially designed devide to help protect you and your unborn baby whilst driving or being driven in a car. It is the the world's first seatbelt harness for pregnant women to completely eliminate the diagonal strap from across the stomach!

Research has shown that car accidents are leading cause of accidental foetal deaths. Even in relatively slow accidents, serious harm, such as placental abruption can be caused.

There are up to an estimated 3000 foetal deaths in car accidents in the USA, every year!

64% of mothers and mothers-to-be, believe that the diagonal of a car seat belt is a potential hazard to their unborn child & 87% of pregnant women wear standard car seatbelts, incorrectly.

It's not just about you and your shape, it's about you, your shape, your car, your car seat, your seatbelt and how it all fits together. We recognise that for many pregnant mums, wearing a seatbelt in cars can be difficult. Which is why we developed the pixie® Pregnancy Seatbelt Harness for driving when pregnant!

What does it do?

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