Pregnancy Seat Belt/Pregnancy Bump Belt From Pixie

We are the developers, manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of the only Pregnancy Seat belt Harness/Pregnancy bump belt that has been designed to take the diagonal of a standard car seatbelt completely away from a pregnant mothers tummy.

Meet The Pregnancy Seat Belt Developers

The company is led by Managing Director and Inventor Stephen Weston, who has spent his working life in technical, problem solving roles and has several patents to his name. This experience, together with his innovative spirit, has led him to start his own company dedicated to developing and marketing new products.

He is supported in the company by a Board of Directors, all of whom are also Business Angel investors in the company.

The harness has been developed with the assistance of the Bolton Automotive and Aerospace Research Groups, (BAARG), based at Bolton University. BAARG is run by Professor Clive Chirwa, who is a world renowned expert on crash investigation, who is also the president of the European Commission’s Road Traffic Safety Authority and the editor of "Crash Test Worthiness" magazine.

The harness is being produced in the UK by the world leading racing harness manufacturer, Willans, who produce harnesses for Formula 1 racing teams and drivers, including Brawn, Jensen Button and Michael Schumacker.

The compact buckle used on the piXie™ Pregnancy Harness developed and patented by Willans for use in high speed motorsport and a version of it is even being used on the “Bloodhound” – 1000mph land-speed record car! Whilst we know this is way over specification for use by pregnant mums, (we hope!), it allows us to comply with current ECE-16 regulations for road use and it gives us confidence that we are using the very best components to protect mother & baby.