Driving While Pregnant / Pixie Seat Belt Harness

Step 1

Put on the standard seatbelt according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring the lap strap is below the belly and over the hips.

Step 2

Place the piXie™ Harness behind the diagonal of the seatbelt, with the left hand shoulder strap and left hand chest strap on the left of the diagonal and the right hand shoulder strap and right hand chest strap on the right of the diagonal.

Step 3

Pinch the seatbelt diagonal into a loop and loop it under the tongue of the square Back Clip.

Step 4

Slide the square Back Clip along the diagonal of the seatbelt, until it is about the height of your shoulders. Then with your outer arm holding the clips of the two Shoulder straps, slide your inner arm behind the diagonal of the seatbelt and place it behind you, whilst placing the shoulder straps over your head. Ensure the chest straps are correctly positioned by your side.

Step 5

Pull all the piXie™ Harness straps tight, positioning the chest straps above the bump and the buckle between the breasts. Ensure the lap strap of the car seatbelt is under the belly and the diagonal is under normal tension and moving freely.

Step 6

Ensure your seating position is as far back as practical and that both the car seatbelt and the piXie™ harness are pulled tight.

During rapid deceleration

The inertia reel seatbelt will lock up, with the lap strap restraining the wearer over the hips and with the diagonal strap acting as an anchor for the piXie™ harness, which in turn restrains the wearer by the shoulders and chest, taking the force of any impact on the seatbelt away from the pregnant belly.